Lease Option

Are you struggling to sell your house?

A lot of people face difficulties when trying to sell their house, especially if they require a certain price to be able to do so. 


Whether it’s the current market, their equity position, broken chains, empty houses eating bills, high mortgage payment and so on.

People in negative equity, for example, can feel trapped by their mortgage if they are unable to get the right price. 


We’ve been through this ourselves and know how trying and stressful it can become when trying to sell and you just can't seem to get the price you need. It takes a toll on you physically & mentally.


Broken Chain


Urgent Relocation


High Tax Bills


Coronavirus Fallout


Moving Abroad


Unaffordable mortgage


Tired Landlord


No/Negative Equity


Struggling to sell


Financial & Debt Issues




Facing Reposession

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We will offer full market value for your house

How? Through a straightforward, but uncommon in the UK property world, arrangement known as a "lease option agreement".

A lease option agreement is a simple method that enables you to sell your house at the price you need, releasing your equity, freeing you from the associated costs and allowing you to get on with your life.

The easiest way for us to explain a lease option is to compare it to the leasing of a car:


Stage 1. The person buying the car pays an initial sum upfront to the person selling.

Stage 2. The buyer then pays ongoing monthly payments throughout the contract.

Stage 3. The buyer pays a final large payment to the seller to officially own the car.

Here's how it works if we were to take your problem-house off your hands using a lease option:

Step 1: Agreement

We’ll sit with you to discover your reason for selling and to discuss what you need from the sale, and agree to a sale price that you’re happy with. We’ll then discuss the term (length) of the agreement and set a buy date. Once agreed, we’ll sign the 2 contracts. The first contract relates to stage 2 and the second is for stage 3. It is at this point that we will pay the initial upfront payment (the option fee) to release your equity in the property.

Step 2: Lease

Once everything has been signed and we’ve paid the initial fee, we’ll take “control” of the property (you’ll still own the property at this stage). We will pay the ongoing monthly payments so that you don’t have your mortgage to worry about. We’ll also find a tenant buyer for the property at this stage through our rent-to-buy scheme which helps first time buyers.

Step 3: Buy

Towards the end of the term, the option to buy shall be exercised and the property will be officially purchased from you, at the agreed price. It is at this stage that we pay off the final amount owed to yourself or your mortgage provider and move the property out of your name.

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We are based in Staffordshire

We are proud to be based in Staffordshire and are focussed on helping local people cut their ties with properties that they can't afford or no longer want. Therefore most of our efforts are spent in the following areas:

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If you live in Staffordshire (or nearby) and wish for an easy, hassle-free sale where you get full market value for your house, get in touch today.








Detailed comparison with a traditional sale

Scenario: Jim is a landlord that bought a property in the early 2000s. It cost him £125,000 and he was able to secure it with a 100% interest-only mortgage and its been great little money earner ever since. Over the years, the property has become dated and its appeal has slowly dropped to the point where he has struggled to find a tenant. Unfortunately, Jim can’t afford a refurb on the property. He's paying £500 per month on his mortgage and around £150 for council tax and other bills.


The property market in her area has just recovered to pre-2007 crash price levels, meaning that the value of the property is only a fraction above the price he originally paid. Jim has heard about True Property’s lease buy opportunity and calls to consider his options...


Traditional House Sale

The house is listed at £130,000 with a local letting agent. Jim gets an offer of 7% below asking price (the average UK reduction).

Agreed buy price

Time until agreement

surveys & solicitors

Mortgage, bills etc. prior to agreement

Estate agent fees (2%)

Legal fees

Post-survey revaluation

Mortgage value owed to bank


9 months

2 months






Therefore, once his house is sold, Jim will still owe the bank money, leaving him in debt of -£15,368. Jim would either have to find someone to borrow this money from, sell another assett or face having the property re-posessed. If he has more than 1 proprty geared this highly, he could sadly spiral into bankruptcy. We can help him avoid this... 

Jim's money


Lease Option Agreement

We agree to buy the house at the £130,000 asking price, on a 5 year lease option agreement.

Agreed buy price

Time until agreement

surveys & solicitors

Mortgage, bills etc. prior to agreement

Estate agent fees

Legal fees

Post-survey revaluation

Mortgage value owed to bank


2 weeks

1 week






After 3 weeks everything has been signed and we have taken over paying the bills & mortgage on Jims house. We also paid Jim £5000 to release his equity. The property will still remain in Jim's name for the next 5 years, however the responsibility will officially lie with us to continue paying the mortgage & bills, as well as the general up-keep & condition of the property. After 5 years, we will pay the bank off (£125,000), and the property will be transfered over into our name.

Jim's money


Not only has Jim been saved from potential bankruptcy, but he's also made a small profit of £4010 by seizing the opportunity of a Lease Option Agreement!

Important note: Although we have tried to use an accurate comparison to the average UK house sale (and costs associated), your situation may be different. We are not financial advisers and you should consult a qualified adviser that knows your full situation.